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Corporate Staff

Joe Eddins 



Bill Heaberlin



Andy Kelley 

Senior Producer

Marketing Manager


Allen Stotler

Office Manager


These are THE ONLY contacts for our company. Business emails and contracts come only from **** Please do not enter in to any agreements without speaking IN PERSON with our office by calling 800-788-4006. If you receive any emails or correspondence from any other email address please contact our office directly at 800-788-4006 and forward emails to us.

MPE has been in business and served the industry ethically for over 45 years. We want to remind you that there are illegitamate entertainment scammers who might want to take advantage of you. Please be careful of solicitations offering you national entertainment for unrealistic offers. If you believe that you’ve been contacted by an MPE representative, and you have not spoken in person with any of our staff listed within please contact our office immediately at 800-788-4006.

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