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MPE is proud to be a part of the major professional entertainment organizations as well as numerous state, national, and local fair and festival organizations. We offer trainings and seminars to educate potential customers and existing events on what it takes to produce a first class event. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions. 

How do you know if an agency is reputable?

Check to see if they are part of any of these very important organizations: IEBA, CMA, IAFE, Chamber of Commerce, CVB, ITAA. MPE Entertainment is proud to be a long-time member of each of the above stated organizations including, IEBA (International Entertainment Buyer’s Association), CMA (Country Music Association), IAFE (International Association of Fairs and Expositions), local and state Chamber of Commerce,Convention&Visitor’s Bureau, and ITAA (International Theatrical Agencies Association).


I want to book a band. What do I do?
How do we hire National Entertainment?
How do we book a National Entertainer or Band?

Give us a call at 800-788-4006 and speak with one of our friendly agents. You may also fill out the entertainment request form located on the top menu. We will gather the information for your event. This includes the date, time, list of entertainers you are looking for, and your budgetary range. We will then give you a list of available artists and pricing. Additionally we may give you a quotation to produce your entire event to include sound, lighting, staging, back-line, hospitality, on-site staffing, catering, transportation, airfares, & hotels.


What do you mean by “producing” the event?
Does MPE produce the entire event?

As you know a concert is not just booking a band and setting up some speakers! There are many aspects that go in to producing a show including the artist’s fees, sound, lighting, staging, hospitality, catering, hotel rooms, flights, back-line, power requirements, on-site staffing, (producer, stage manager, runners, logistics supervisor, production assistants), and taking care of the artist’s rider or special requirements. We can handle as much or as little as you wish but we prefer to take care of it all for you to make your show go smooth.


Many companies use the word “turn-key”. What does that mean?
MPE is in a unique position to provide you with all aspects related to you show. As listed above the turn key deal is all talent, production, and support items you need to run a show. We will be happy to produce any entertainment event in any location in North America.


How much does a show cost?
A turn-key show is very in depth. Typically a person off the street will make an inquiry and likely never receive a response. At MPE we produce hundreds of working days a year. Let us use our over 40 years of contacts, experience, and expertise and go to work for YOU, our client to receive the best deal possible. Based on our 40 year reputation in the industry, we are able to extend our preferential pricing to you!

What makes up this cost? 
There are many items that make the show go.  MPE will handle as much or as little of your entertainment experience. It is our preference to produce your entire show to ensure your success. Your final contract is determined by, the band’s fee, flights, hotel arrangements, ground transportation to and from the venue, on-site producers, staff, & production items that include the staging, roof, lighting, sound, backline gear, power, and all other rider requirements.

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